Preview: Another item in my “Keep Your Eye Upon the Donut” exhibit

Dr Crum ad

Keep Your Eye Upon the Donut: Donut Shops Past & Present of Brooklyn & Manhattan I’m posting another object from my collection of donut ephemera that be on view in the exhibit at Brooklyn’s City Reliquary Museum. Keep Your Eye Upon the Donut opens this weekend!

This object is an ad from the Doughnut Corporation of America promoting Dr. Howard J. Crum’s “Donut Reducing Diet.” In 1941 Dr. Crum outlined this mono-diet in his book Beauty and Health: A Course in Loveliness. His idea was that by eating donuts a person would be satisfied and not vulnerable to cheating on this diet. Visit the City Reliquary to see this ad, the book, and the details of how Dr. Crum’s donut diets can lead to losing 1-2 pounds a week (I think diets in the ’40s were different than we think of them today).


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