More Wonderful Media Coverage for “Keep Your Eye Upon the Donut”

"Keep Your Eye Upon the Donut" present day donut shops. All photographs by Anna O. Grant.

“Keep Your Eye Upon the Donut” present day donut shops. All photographs by Anna O. Grant.

With all the cold out there, I think the thought of fresh, handmade donuts is comforting. We’ve gotten more great media coverage for the exhibit Keep Your Eye Upon the Donut on view at Brooklyn’s City Reliquary through March 2, 2014.  The beautiful photographs in many of these stories are by Anna O. Grant, who also photographed the 9 present day donut shops highlighted in the exhibit.

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A Sweet History: Doughnuts in New York City

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Donut history being celebrated in Brooklyn museum exhibit

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City Reliquary Exhibit Explores NYC’s Donut History

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Doughnut Dunkers, Unite!

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Top 10 Off-the-Radar Museums in NYC

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Donut Memories

finaldonut3 jpeg (1024x732)

For many the donut is a sweet loaded with memories. This is the beginning of a project to capture, preserve, and reflect on people’s donut memories. Memories included in these first two installments were recorded at Brooklyn’s City Reliquary during the opening events for the exhibit Keep Your Eye Upon the Donut: Donut Shops past & present of Brooklyn & Manhattan.

Listen to Donut Memories Installment 1 here.

Listen to Donut Memories Installment 2 here.

Donut Shop Map for “Keep Your Eye Upon the Donut” exhibit

Keep Your Eye Upon the Donut donut shops map

Before or after you visit Keep Your Eye Upon the Donut at Brooklyn’s City Reliquary Museum (on view through February 28, 2014), I hope that you’ll also visit the 9 present day donut shops we’ve highlighted in it. Here’s a donut shop map to make it even easier for you to find them! Carpe Donut NYC isn’t on this map since they are a food truck and their location changes daily, but they can typically be found in Manhattan during the week and Brooklyn on the weekend. Find out where Carpe Donut NYC is here.

Donut shop addresses:
Carpe Donut NYC
Parks in various locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn

Donut Pub
203 W. 14th Street, Manhattan
Open 24 hours

448 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn

Doughnut Plant
379 Grand Street, Manhattan
220 W. 23rd Street, Manhattan

425 W. 15th Street, Chelsea Market Arcade, Manhattan

Dun-Well Doughnuts
222 Montrose Avenue, Brooklyn

Mike’s Donuts & Coffee
6822 5th Avenue, Brooklyn

Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop
727 Manhattan Avenue, Brooklyn

Shaikh’s Donuts
1503 Avenue U, Brooklyn
Open 24 hours

Photographs from “Keep Your Eye Upon the Donut” exhibit opening

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Keep Your Eye Upon the Donut opened at the City Reliquary Museum & Civic Organization on Saturday, December 6, 2013. The exhibit will be on view through February 28, 2014. Don’t miss the chance to see it!

A selection of photographs from the opening weekend are in the slide show above. Additional photographs can also be seen on The City Reliquary’s Facebook page here and here. These photographs, and the photographs of the 9 present day donut shops in the exhibit, are by Anna O. Grant.