My name is Julie Thomson and I live in Durham, North Carolina. Anastasia’s Donuts and Greek Pastries in Okemos, Michigan was the first donut shop I loved. A donut as delicious as their marble donut is the donut I’m always looking for since it closed in 1996. Sweetwater Donuts gained my affection in my teenage years and it’s still one of my favorites. My moves and travels have allowed me to discover more great donut shops throughout the United States. I’m working on a variety of donut projects that will be posted here.

marble donut serres donuts anna grant (2) cropped


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Julie,
    Just wanted to let you know I visited your exhibit in Brooklyn this past Saturday and really enjoyed your collection. I know you will appreciate the following piece of trivia; my family was in the ‘Donut’ business in NYC since the 1960’s, and opened no less than 15 Donut shops [and one donut factory], [they maintained the business all the way into the early 90’s]. Personally I learned to make donuts at the ripe age of 11, first came the making of the sugar glaze, then the glazing, and slowly made my way up to donut finisher. By 17, I was completing the whole process, from flour to fryer then icing and out the door.
    I have a piece of memorabilia that I would be willing to donate to your collection, [a paper hat with our logo, in mint condition], if you are interested, all I ask is that you consider adding my Dad’s story to your work and crediting the hat if you ever display it.

    Its taken me many years to come to terms with my ‘Donut’ past and I intend to publish some day, you are an inspiration.
    Thank you so much for your enthusiasm, and love of Donuts, love your site.

    Happy Holidays, and Best wishes for the new year, and hope to hear from you soon.

    Peter G

  2. Julie, I worked at Anastasia’s for a summer after high school, and miss it terribly. Anastasia apparently still lives in the area and does bookkeeping for Coral Gables. I gained a lot of insight into small business, bakeries, and the nature of humanity while working there. Glad you have put up this memento of a great local original.

    • PS I’m in Winston-Salem, NC, home of Krispy Kreme. They’re fine for what they are, but don’t fill the hole left by Anastasia’s. (Doughnut pun.)

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